Thank you all for the 2024 Hall of Fame Award



Thank you for the Maine Tourism Association Hall of Fame Award and all of the kind words. I am sorry for the delay we were on a trip to California last week and yes, I did hire a guide and spend a day fly fishing for bass fish.

First off, being part of the hall of fame means that you are of a certain age.  I knew that I might get to that age, but I did think it would take more time.

This award gets me thinking about the good people I have been fortunate to have spent time with over the years. Colleagues, friends, associates and clients.

 I honestly cannot count how many clients I have guided in that time, but I am certain that the number is in the thousands, of all ages. Including a few infants; one now a toddler who I have promised to guide to her first fish when she is ready. She has already spent a few days on the boat with me; sleeping mostly. Many at the other end of the age spectrum including a fellow, now in his 90’s now who I guided my very first year at Maine Outdoors.

The greatest privilege though is that more than a few have thought enough of the time we spent together to come back with first their children and now their grandchildren. Let me tell you for a fact that one of the most fun things I have done is tell a story to a 14-year-old about their dad who was at that time 14 and fishing with his dad in that exact spot.

Or a family that I guided 10 years ago is returning to Maine and the college age kids wanted to spend a couple of mornings with me again like when they were small. They remembered and their mom had kept my contact info for more than 10 years.

All of this is to say that every trip was fun and allowed me to connect with some very nice folks, some that have become great friends. I have been very fortunate and am looking forward to continuing for many years.


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