29 degrees here this morning. Not a surprise for Maine in May but because we are well into spring it feels colder and unlikely. My fishing trip yesterday morning was windy and cold forcing me to fish behind islands and points while seeking sunny spots on those shores. A huge change from the day before that was cloudy and warm. Summer is coming clearly not all at once and not today; soon though.

Freshwater bass are preparing to spawn, and I am guessing that a few warm sunny days will get things started in a big way not a surprise but this is an event I never seem to see coming each spring. In the last week on a few different trips the trout have been showing up nicely. Including a very nice rainbow that took the same lure in the same location twice in a week. Now that is a surprise.

Surprises too from big companies that Maine Outdoors uses as vendors. Not all unpleasant but mostly so. Phone service at Maine Outdoors has been provided by a cell phone company for a very long time. Mostly OK service but a recent need to upgrade led me to an agent at one of their stores that was not only knowledgeable but helpful. Resulting in better service at a lower price. One happy customer! Yesterday everything went awry with the service, and I went first to support where I learned again that my time has no value to them and wasting it is a sport. Eventually a text to the helpful agent got more results than a half hour on chat with either a person or a bot. No way to tell. Truly suprising all around.

There are always surprises in this guide’s world can't wait to see what today provides.

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