The sun will be headed north soon!

We are fortunate to live in a place that offers a clear view to the southeast. Over the neighbors dairy farm with Spruce and Pleasant Mountains in the near distance and Dodges Mountain in Rockland far off. The sweeping view offers a startling reminder of how much the suns path changes through the year. In the summer it is far to the east and out of our view as it rises. At this time of year a rising sun is front and center in our view. Offering a chance to watch the sunrise every morning with a clear sky.

This morning I noticed that the sun rose as far to the south as it does each year. So there is good news we will soon start back toward longer days and shorter nights. Of course we have the bulk of winter still to get through although with a little more daylight each day! Won’t be long until it is time to get back on the water again.

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