Still got it!

Balancing well enough to strut up the boat trailer without taking an unexpected plunge. Over the years, folks have marveled at my seemingly effortless boat-loading skills. Truth be told, it's become second nature to me. The real magic? Stepping out of the boat onto the trailer's frame, finding my sea legs as I stroll to the hitch, and gracefully dismounting alongside the winch to crank the boat onto the trailer.

Sure, I've had my fair share of splashdowns and mishaps recounted in stories over the years. But overall, I've stayed dry many more times than not. Every spring, after a winter hiatus, I secretly fear that I've lost my touch. Yet, as this year's boating season kicks off, and the pictures prove: I've still got it!

But to tell the truth: last summer, I made a savvy upgrade. I added a plank to the trailer's top, providing a wider, less slippery platform for my fancy footwork. Still, that doesn't dampen my pride in starting off another successful year of boat-loading prowess. Can't wait for the next time I land with a splash with everyone watching.

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