Starting times

Over the years I have become much more relaxed about the times to start my trips. A while back I wanted every client to be on the water with me at the best time of day for success. I have realized that most are after all on vacation and a start at 6 AM is not really a lot of fun.

I decided that the experience was not better or worse because of the time I started and ended. Most clients are here to see the place experience what makes it special and maybe catch a fish or see an eagle. In the early part of the summer a start early enough to make a difference is so early that even I resist. Who wants to get up at 3AM every day? ON the saltwater the tide matters much more than the daylight. After many years of early starts I have relaxed and allow you to set the start time. What is comfortable for you?

After making the switch I have learned that we catch just as many fish and see just as many sights but the folks in the boat are awake and enjoying the experience more!


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