Sometimes it looks too easy

Saint George River StriperThis morning was a perfect striper fishing trip. The tide was just right and going slack just at our stopping time. Not a breath of wind and about 70 when wen started at 7AM. There were plenty of fish in the river even a few chasing bait onto the surface. 
My clients caught fish at every place I went all morning including many on the surface and a couple of bigger ones. Frankly it looked too easy! The clients were thinking that there was nothing to it. There are fish everywhere this guy stops the boat. They must be everywhere and hungry!
The reality is that knowing where to look has taken more than a little time to learn; each spot has a certain choreography to it. Tide moving in a certain direction, bait holding at a certain place in the river and of course where is the wind. Not to mention the fish have to be willing or at least not grumpy!
Given all that goes into making a fishing trip a success sometimes it just looks too easy. Today was one of those days. I’ll have to earn success soon enough to balance the scale.
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