So what did I do all winter?

Many clients ask me each summer and fall about how I keep busy in the winter. Actually it is never a problem as my role of Executive Director of the Maine Professional Guides Association almost always provides interesting things to keep me busy. This winter has been no different. The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is going through a planning process for Maine’s big game species and freshwater fisheries that will steer the next 15 years. I was asked to serve on the steering committee for each of those efforts.

It is an interesting process that is based on extensive public polling to understand what the public in general thinks, then there are a series of meetings being held around the state to hear specific thoughts and opinions. There is also a web based town hall that gathers additional thoughts. As I mentioned on a radio show earlier this winter people are passionate about these issues and are more than willing to share their thoughts! The Department has a webpage with more information if you are interested (with links to the reports on the polling and the town halls) if you are interested.

As you might expect the meetings sometimes attract a crowd. The next phase will be taking all of that input and shaping it into goals and objectives that the staff at the Department can use to guide their efforts over the next 15 years. Sometimes I cannot believe how fortunate I have been to even be invited to something so very important. Not just to me personally but to the future of guides and the entire state of Maine.

So in case any of you were afraid that I had been simply sitting by the woodstove with little to do all winter; there is no cause for concern. I am starting to prepare for the coming season in earnest now more on that in my next post.

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