Slowing the pace

The pace is slower this week with more variety. Today I will be guiding a canoe trip for a client who went on a canoe trip with Maine Outdoors in the very first year. A visit to long ago good times for both of us. I enjoyed getting out the paddles, life vests and assorted canoeing gear this morning a real change from most of my summer.

The busiest part of the summer season is behind us now and the pace becomes more leisurely. I am looking forward to this coming stretch where things slow before October. In the last week I saw some of the best striper fishing of the summer and some of the worst. One morning all I could get them to do was chase a fly but not eat it, very frustrating. Two days before that they were chasing bait on the surface and catching one was more about getting the fly out of the boat than any presentation. The water temperature fell from around 70 degrees to the middle 60’s making fish more active in the shallow water. Freshwater fishing gets better as the water temperatures drop.

As always I’m sad to see the summer wind down but delighted to see the arrival of autumn and fall.

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