Season of song

The robins were loudly singing this morning and I was reminded that the birds come in waves in the spring. I always note when the chickadees start to sing towards the end of January. Next are the finches followed soon after by the titmice. It won't be long now until the warblers start to sing overhead as they migrate through. My favorite is the rose breasted grosbeak that sings form our treetops in early June, I have that song set as my phone ringtone and most clients do not even notice that my phone is ringing if I forget to shut it off. Of course, for about three weeks I am steadily picking up what I think is a ringing phone when one sings nearby.

The days are much longer it's now light until nearly 8 PM and stay this way until sometime towards the end of July. Water temperatures have begun to warm; on yesterday's trip I noted that the temperature in some of the warmer coves was nearing 50 degrees. Fish are gradually responding to the warmer water and the fishing is picking up up. The usual April beginning, it won't be long now until the leaves come out on the trees the bass have started to move in shallow to spawn and the stripers show up in the saltwater. I am looking forward to another busy season!


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