Rods overboard!

Every summer I lose a rod overboard. Always by accident, no one intends for it to happen. This summer is already remarkable for the number of times it has happened. Three, I know hard to believe but true. On the upside two were retrieved intact and ready for another day even if a little soggy.

Right away you think of course that happens he specializes in kids and families, those kids can be pretty careless. You would be wrong. Two were adults, granted beginners and one child who is the best story, all on freshwater. The adults simply let go of the rod when casting and overboard the rod and reel go. The first time it was in about 5 feet of water and the lure we were using floated to the surface. An easy retrieve as long as the knot holding the line to the reel held. It did. The next one was the same only in about 20 feet of water and a lure that did not float. Out of sight and gone immediately.

The best story though is the most recent. Last week on the fresh water I had a multi-generational family trip. Grandma down to a 10-year-old all out for Maine experience. All went well during the trip, and everyone caught at least one bass. We returned to the boat launch, and I tied the boat to the float for everyone to get out. As I was helping grandma out of the boat in the bow I heard a big splash back by the outboard. I looked up to see the young grandson dog paddling alongside of the boat. After making sure grandma was safely on the float. I went to the the stern and helped the young fellow back on board. Note to the folks at Lund the ladder on the stern of the new boat was a great help.

As the dad and I are making sure the boy is ok he asks what happened to the rod I was casting? I look at the dad he looks at me and we immediately conclude it is overboard in about 6 feet of water. Luckily right by the boat. After several minutes of peering down through the water, we can see it on the bottom and by putting a lure with treble hooks tight to the end of another rod I was able to retrieve it.

Long story short everyone is fine; reel still works and all is well. Not the sort of outdoor memory I am trying to create but still a vivid one for everyone involved.

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