The right call

The weather forecast for today called for rain and wind. I drove to Thomaston Harbor in the early morning darkness with a few raindrops hitting the windshield. When I arrived, there was a breeze but much less than was  forecast. Fish were at best grumpy not completely unwilling but surely  not what I had in mind. As the morning progressed the wind built and by mid-morning casting a fly anywhere but in the complete lee behind the windward shore of the river was impossible. Making our likelihood of success smaller by the minute.

My clients bravely hung in but it was clear to me that that our best course of action was to call it a day and head for home. My goal in a situation like this is first to return safely to the harbor; really not much of a trick in the Lund Alaskan. Second, I like to have the boat loaded on the trailer and be in the 4 Runner headed home before the rain really starts.

Pretty much perfect, I drove through a downpour about halfway home (even after a stop for a cup of coffee) and the rain has been steady here all afternoon. I complain about the weather forecast almost every day but today they nailed it; wind direction, speed and even the start of the steadier rain. Well done! Tomorrow is another day and the forecast is for sun with a westerly breeze. I’m already looking forward to getting back on the water.


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