Revisiting a change

For a number of years I had a GoPro camera mounted on my landing net. It got some good pictures of fish coming to the net but its real purpose was to get pictures of smiling clients with their fish and not the typical grip and grins. It worked pretty well but not perfectly. It was sometimes hard to get the camera to work as intended but mostly it worked. The real defect was that the clip system for the GoPro was easily broken and pretty expensive. I stopped using it when I bought two mounts one Monday and both were broken by Friday. Pretty frustrating.

So I stopped using it and left it in the cabinet in the office. This winter I was cruising around the internet and discovered a new style mount built of a tougher material. So I am planning to set it all up again this spring. Which got me to thinking about all of the images I had captured in the past. So I took an hour this morning and went through all of them (the camera was set up to take a picture a second when turned on) so there were thousands. Many were of view of the boat from the nets perspective laying on the floor or something similar. In all of that were a few great shots of clients (e-mailed those right away) and a few nice fish pictures. Here are a couple to get us all thinking about being back on the water this spring!


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