Recognized by my peers

Saturday evening at the 38th annual Maine Professional Guides Associations Annual Banquet I was surprised with the Associations Outstanding Service Award. I was and am humbled to be recognized by a room full of folks that I respect and admire. The collective woods skill and storytelling ability in a room with a couple hundred working guides in it is nothing to take lightly and I do not.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife recognized Don Helstrom as the Legendary Maine Guide it is sobering when someone you have worked with for nearly thirty years is recognized as legendary.

The most amazing part to me is that I had been recognized by the association with this award before; almost exactly twenty years ago. Four days short of twenty years to be precise. Many good friends were in Commissioner Woodcock Don Helstrom and Senator Kingthat room along with a good representation of the folks who lead us in managing the states fish and wildlife resources. Many legislators, the Commissioner and Deputy of the state’s Fish and Wildlife agency and Senator Angus King.

Needless to say a very humbling experience.

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