Raining again

Raining hard here this afternoon. This has so far been a very wet summer with lots of rain and fog. The Saint George is high and swift. It is tempting (and I often hear) that we have never seen anything like this before. We have and I remember it well.

When Argy and I started Maine Outdoors in 1986, before we had children even.  I promised her that I would take her to lunch every rainy day that I was not guiding. Well we were just starting out so not very busy in the first place but then it was a summer just like this one. Rained almost every day.

Seems to me that we ate lunch out far more than we could afford but a deal is a deal. My best memory of that wet summer was a party from Great Britian who did not mind going on a canoe trip in the rain. After all it rains a lot where they were from. Somewhere in the archives I have a picture of canoes with paddlers in the bow and stern seats and a passenger seated in the middle with an umbrella proudly aloft. Must not have been windy that day!

I remember an older gentlemen calling from the Samoset and asking if I would take him fishing even in the rain. The answer was yes of course and when I asked he said that they would not let him on the golf course when it was that wet and he figured that I had a cancellation because of the rain. He was right we went and enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon of fishing.

The upside of this weather is that I can access much more of the local waterways with all of this water a treat after several very dry summers. All I can say is chin up! It has been like this before, and the sun will return before you know it or just get out an umbrella and carry on.


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