Quiet today

It is snowing this afternoon; not really a surprise it is after all December in Maine. The thing that is notable though is the quiet. I have nearly cleared my list of things to do for the year but e-mail is trickling in compared to normal and the phone has rung twice all day. Making this a nice quiet day in the office getting out the client holiday cards.

In sorting through the cards I realized that almost 10% of this years clients were from another country. I don’t think that is unusual but the first time I realized. That fact makes me realize just how amazing it is that Maine Outdoors connects with so many nice folks from around the world. For the record the client from the furthest away this year was from South Africa.

Soon enough the winter meeting season takes center stage as I swing into my other role as Executive Director of the Maine Professional Guides Association. But for today a nice quiet after with snow falling outside the window and the dogs snoring in the office. Soon enough there will be enough snow for some cross county skiing and snowshoeing. But until then quiet. Hope that your day is too!

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