Pleasant Feeling

Red Sky in MorningNo clients today. Instead I made a trip downriver hoping to purchase a few lobsters for supper and spend a little time fishing. As soon as I arrived in Thomaston Harbor it was clear that no one would be hauling traps today. Blowing pretty hard out of the southwest with a falling tide. A recipe for rough sea conditions in the Saint George. The sky this morning tells the entire story.

Still I had come this far and figured that there were a few places I could fish. So I headed out into the chop. Made my way downriver and a few of my regular fishing spots. Total of 8 fish to the boat hiding up in the coves out of the wind. Still plenty of fish holding in the river for at least the next couple of weeks I would guess.

The best part of my morning was the return trip running with the sea at an easy pace. Enjoying the splash as the Lund crested each wave in turn. I love that feeling of coming back into the harbor with the wind at my back and the day’s work on the water complete.

I hope that whatever you do there is a similar feeling at the end of the day!


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