Pause a moment

There is so much written and talked about that is negative about the environment that it is easy to forget our successes. Here in my corner of Maine loons are present on every pond inland and not at all uncommonSeals on a Scenic Maine Caost boat trip with Maine Outdoors on the salt. A marked increase from early in my career. Eagles are now a regular part of almost every trip no matter where. Ospreys are sometimes in groups of as many as twenty plunging down on schools of baitfish. Stripers were not present in the Saint George for several summers and are now back in good numbers.

One of the most marked population successes though is the seal population on our coast. This picture from last week on a combination scenic boat tour and striper fishing trip is a good reminder of the success of the seal population.

Not to discount the bad news but to remind us all that there is more than a little positive. Pause a moment and remember that.


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