Orvis Guide Rendezvous

Argy and I just returned from Ashville, NC where I attended the Orvis Guide Rendezvous #OGR18. I enjoy the opportunity to visit and swap ideas with my Orvis Endorsed peers from around the world. What would several hundred fly fishing guides have to talk about for three days you ask?

Orvis rolled out their new H3 fly rod. After the incredible improvement of rods over the last 50 years what could possibly be different or better? It is which means that over the next few years all of my client rods will be gradually switched over. I found it to cast further and landed the fly where I wanted even more than the current generation of rods.

We also learned about the new effort to get more women into fly fishing that they are calling 50 / 50 on the water. I applaud the effort first fly fishing is a great sport and should be open to men and women taking part; second because it is an effort that may help with the funding crisis that is about to face fish and wildlife conservation. I have written on that topic before. The Orvis Freshwater Fly Fishing guide of the year also happens to be a woman.

I appreciate the session on teaching fly casting since I specialize in doing that and hearing how others explain the same thing is tremendously helpful. We spend no small amount of time talking among ourselves frequently discussing equipment and techniques.

It is also nice to catch up with friends like Lucas Bissett (nominated for saltwater guide of the year) who took me fishing in Louisiana a couple of years back. Libby Camps where I spend much of my fall was nominated for Wingshooting Lodge of the Year so I got to visit with them too.

Needless to say a very helpful few days in warm weather and a nice small city. We returned home to freezing rain and a cold wind. But spring and warm weather will be here soon too.

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