Not every day is a great day to be outside

The weather forecasters have been talking about a storm for a few days including a high wind warning here on the coast. So last evening I put the grill in the garage and anything that might blow away. This morning I am more than a little glad that I did. We have had steady wind of 25 miles per hour and gusts as high as 35. The wind started out early in the east but is now slowly down to the south. The east wind bears on the house and looking out the window from my desk I see that it has removed a few shingles from the garage. Add to that a good rainfall and needless to say not a great day to go anywhere outdoors. 

This rain will though help the peepers and salamanders who have recently emerged from their winters rest and are activly laying eggs in clusters like these. The extra water is a bonus for them even if it is a little on the chilly side today. These are the days I will reschedule if possible, in the early season and simply cancel if that is not possible. Even if that cancellation means I will have to refund the clients payment. Something that other guides do not offer. Because I want any trip with me to be memorable for all the right reasons and a long time to come, I am willing to take that extra step.

On the upside I was not scheduled to guide today anyway rather heading to Portland to pick up Argy after her trip to Ireland, the Netherlands and England. It appears as though by the time I need to leave things will have settled down a little. A win all around if you ask me.


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