No place like home!

I spent the last week traveling to Louisville KY for a meeting of the US Forest Service Region 9 Recreation Resource Advisory Committee. We are the citizen board that recommends changes to fee structures in the various National Forests in the northeast (from Maine to Wisconsin and South to Kentucky. I am the representative of non motorized guides on the committee.

The staff of the forests wishing to adjust rates make presentations about their intentions and need to do so. Along with a review of specific sites where rates will be changed. We spent a whole day at Hoosier National forest touring some of their campground facilities that were scheduled for fee increases looking at maintenance needs and the facilities overall.

I enjoyed the chance to meet many of the professionals from the Forest Service and my fellow committee members. Not to mention a chance to visit a city I had never been to before. There is though no place like home and visiting those other places makes me realize how fortunate I am to live in mid coast Maine and operate a small business here.

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