A new adventure

Today will be a new adventure for this old guide. No not a new lake or different fish or even new clients. For most of my career I have provided licenses where needed for my clients. Mostly as a convenience but also part of my commitment to conservation which in fish and wildlife has been mostly funded by license sales revenues and taxes on equipment. Long ago we had specific paper licenses that had to each be inventoried and accounted for monthly and at the end of the year, no small undertaking. More recently we had a check off license that could be issued for many activities still needed to track the inventory but much less to keep track of.

The latest version of issuing your fishing license is electronic and after resisting for several years I agreed to give it a try. The biggest concern is that I do not have cell service everywhere and even where it is usually available that is not always the case but after several years of using Square to process credit card sales I am confident in this working. My process will change. I will need to fill out the license information and enter your information using a small Chromebook computer connected to the system using my phone.

I am a little nervous about how this will go but ready to give it a try (with a backup pad of paper licenses on hand). I guess it really is true that the only constant in business is change even for a Maine Guide.


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