The most fun


A friend texted this week and asked about the most fun I have ever had. Lucky for me I get to ahve that much fun regularly. Here is my response. 

The most fun I ever have is guiding families with small children on my family fishing trips. We are not chasing some big fish but rather looking for the kids to catch their first fish and maybe learn a little about fishing. If I play it right a school of perch and sunfish will position themselves right alongside of the boat and are eagerly waiting for the kids to drop in line. Mayhem ensues for as long as the interest stays. I am very busy unhooking and releasing fish, baiting hooks and making sure we keep the fish close by. The kids are delighted and the parents are having a great time. The three hours fly by and before you know it the trip is over the kids have caught dozens of fish and with luck learned the names of the species we caught. The other stuff like loon, eagle and osprey sightings are a possible bonus. 


In my summer season I get to do this multiple times a week. Sure makes it hard to think about retiring. 


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