Milestone Birthday

Yesterday I was fortunate to celebrate my 65th birthday. Lots of good wishes from near and far, time with my family and pleasing support of a small fundraising effort to support the Maine Guides Education Fund. It all gives me pause to appreciate the time I have been gifted with a great family; many friends and a chance to build a business based on the things I love.

There is great satisfaction in showing someone how to catch their first fish and having them do it. Or showing them an eagle watching us from a nearby perch or a seal sunning on a rock. Having so much opportunity at my fingertips and folks willing to allow me to share has been and is every day a delight. It is gratifying to see two sons in the same profession but molded to their interests and skills. I can’t imagine leading beginners up some rock face every day and liking it or leading groups through Washington DC to show them the important places. Just the thought makes my head spin but both do and are successful at it.

I am now of retirement age but not considering it at all. Simply enjoying it too much even on the long hot days like earlier this week. To say this has been an unusual year is an understatement, but folks are looking to get outdoors and pursue a passion or learn a new skill always energize me. It is a great privilege to work as a Maine Guide and show you my part of the world but rest assured it is also a source of joy. Hard to say who is having a better time when that first ever fish comes over the rail of the boat!


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