Mid Winter Update

This winter has never really gotten going. November and early December were cold but not the bone chilling cold we can have. January and February have been warm with brief stretches of cold. Portland is above normal for snow as is Caribou but I suspect that here in the mid coast we are below. Most of our storms have turned warm with rain sleet or wet snow. It is interesting that I have a client looking for a day of winter fly fishing on the Saint George River but we have just not lucked out on a warm winter day, yet.

Still the sun has begun its swing back to the north and even the coldest days (the high today is 15 degrees) produce some melting. I surveyed our woodpile this morning to guess if there is enough on hand to make it to the end of the season. An annual game and my guess is that we will have just enough this year. Some signs of spring are on here.  Last week I made my reservation to attend the Orvis Guides Rendezvous next month in Roanoke Virginia. Lastly preparations are underway for the Maine Professional Guides Association annual banquet April 4th.

This is all the long way around to say that clearly winter is losing its grip and it won’t be long until spring and I am back on the water. Looking forward to it!

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