The weather has turned warmer, the grass is getting green and I am starting to fish each of my regular spots to check on the boat launches and any changes on the water. For the first few times I am also checking on my equipment to be sure everything is where it should be and working like I expect. Saturday I launched at Megunticook Lake in Camden to have a look around. I took a short video of the conditions  and posted it to Facebook if you want to see for yourself.

When I got to the launch the lake association was having a litter clean up and at first glance it looked like they did not have enough boats. I offered to help and was told they were all set on boats but would I happen to have a lifevest they could borrow.

Sure thing that was until I began to pull out the child size vests from under the deck and the adult vests from the locker under the seat. Not all ruined but most! Mice had chewed the cloth and made them not serviceable. Bummer, not to mention I was not of any help. When I returned I noticed that not all of the trailer lights were working as they had been only a week ago. Backed the boat into the garage to look things over. In a few moments it was clear that the mice has also chewed the wiring harness to get into part of the trailer.

Luckily all of this is easily remedied headed to the marine supply for new life vests this morning and the wiring harness was repaired in only a few minutes. So all back to where I want it to be and next year some better mouse protection in place.

By the way the fishing was better than expected for late April a couple of nice rainbow trout and a very nice bass all came to the net. The 2018 season is underway.

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