The Maine Outdoors highway signs are gone!

Maine Outdoors Directional Highway Sign

No nothing bad happened, they were not stolen or knocked over by the snowplow. After 25 years we decided to take down the directional signs on the highway. Sort of the end of an era. For the last few years the signs have brought folks looking to buy fishing line or sell my clients a place to stay more than paying customers. We kept the sign out front but that is more for folks who already have the address in their navigation system to let them know that they have arrived.

The reality is that most clients now meet me at a boat launch on the waterbody where we fish. Two things happened to make that possible first GPs became common. While not perfect it is good enough especially when paired with a cell phone; even though both technologies are fallible together they make connecting possible. The second thing is that the 20 foot Lund Alaskan does easily accommodate up to 4 adults it needs a good boat launch taking many of the smaller out of the way lakes and ponds that I used to fish off of the list.

Yes, I do at times miss the old days but clearly the world has changed more than little in the last quarter century and the missing highway signs are just one more change.


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