Maine Governors Conference on Tourism Yesterday

I attended the annual Maine Governors Conference on Tourism yesterday and enjoyed seeing many old friends in the industry and a few new ones. Like at many events of its type there are many folks that I only see there each year. During the awards ceremony after lunch I got to reminiscing about receiving the award for Excellence at this event way back in 2007. You can read the press relase at this link. Hard to imagine that was so long ago.

To me the best part of the event is that after all of these years the discussion includes outdoor recreation. For a very long time businesses like Maine Outdoors were not even part of the conversation. What a pleasant change it has been in the last few years. The event always includes a review of the numbers from the last year but to me that is not really the point. I know it is how we measure success these days.

To me though the real measure is how many lifelong memories were made here last year; much harder to measure or even get a handle on. Still that is the business we are in and the economic success all flows from success at that.

I'm getting ready to uncover the Lund Alaskan for the season and am looking forward to making many more memories this season.

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