Looking ahead to the new decade

A seal watching us watching himThis great shot was taken on a Scenic Maine Coast boat tour last summer by one of my clients. It was a very foggy morning and the seals surfaced very near the boat curious about who was near their ledge. Thank you, Daniel, for sharing the image.

I enjoy the transitions from one part of my year to another. In November I enjoy a break before my winter attending meetings as Executive Director of the Maine Professional Guides Association get underway. The boat is in for its annual overhaul and the dogs are resting after the busy fall season. They still want to spend time in the woods but not as frequently or for the entire day. This slow period is the time when I take a few minutes and look ahead.

What worked well last season? What is no longer offering as a Maine Outdoors Trip? What new equipment makes sense? Is it time to replace something big like a boat or a truck or even redo the website?

In the worked well column is the new online scheduling system. Easier for both of us to use and the only schedule glitches were caused by your truly. Luckily only a couple. Credit card processing from my phone is still a homerun even if it does not work well at low tide in Thomaston Harbor. The striper fishing was excellent again this summer although the fish came later and left earlier this year.

I have already replaced all of my spinning gear and only need to put the line on to be ready. I increased the weight of my freshwater outfits just a little to make them a little easier to handle. Broken fly rods all repaired and at least one of the latest and greatest Orvis rod on board, check.

In the it is time to let go column are the canoe trips that started Maine Outdoors all those years ago. I just went an entire summer and never took a canoe off of the trailer. Hard to imagine but true. Day hikes are headed for a similar fate I am afraid just no interest.

Snow in the forecast for early next week so another office day before the meeting season begins, like the seal in the picture I am looking ahead to the coming year and decade at Maine Outdoors.

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