Last scheduled trip of the fall

Yesterday I fished with a young couple for bass and pike on Seven Tree Pond. It was the last trip in my calendar for this season. I normally guide a few November fishing trips but those are usually very last minute and planned for warm days. Snow in the forecast for Friday marking a turn to chillier weather for sure not unexpected and certainly not the end of nice days on hte water.

The last week was a frantic finale with three days guiding wing shooters at Libby Camps, three bass fishing trips and a trip focused on rainbow trout on Megunticook. The weather went from warm and sunny to chilly rain showers. The fishing report is simply excellent on all counts. I normally fish well into the fall but this has been an exceptional year for quality fishing late. Choose a warm day and get out there. Water temperatures are still in the mid 50’s which is the temperature I am looking for in the spring. I find that if you fish more slowly than you do in the summer success is just as likely.

The eagles have also been a little more cooperative about having their pictures taken which is an added bonus on any trip in my book. The pair on Megunticook seems to be posing for photos this fall. I plan to take advantage of the slower pace to get out and hunt with the dogs, do a little duck hunting in my sneakbox and get in a little late season fishing. That is after I stack in firewood for the coming winter and attend a few meetings online. Hope that your fall plans include getting outside too.


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