It has been a while since I enjoyed this privilege

I have always been proud of my ability to accommodate almost any situation a client presents. Making it possible for several in wheelchairs over the years and being able to change the seats in the boat so someone can fish sitting down or as was the case this week accommodating a very young angler. Including providing a life vest in the right size. I had another young lady of a similar age a while ago (when we both were much younger as you can see in my lack of grey).

Only a few months old this one slept on board while her parents fished on two separate mornings this week. The fishing was OK on the first morning and fabulous on the second. So she is off to a nice if sleepy start. There can be no doubt that I guided this child on her first fishing trips! What a privilege to be part of what I hope is a long-term love of being outdoors.


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