Imitation is the highest compliment

Everyone talks about promoting small businesses because it is important to the Maine economy and as a long time small business owner I frequently chuckle when it is said. Recently this small business’s good name has been used by others, surprisingly state government is involved both times.

First the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife recently launched its “Keeper of the Maine Outdoors” ad campaign. Fun stuff designed to make the agency more familiar to Maine residents. No Maine Outdoors is not supported by this state agency!

Second a recently announced Maine Outdoors Brands effort was announced and you will notice that in fact Maine Outdoors was not even invited to be a part of the effort which has some big companies that you would think do not need to take away from a small operation.

It is clear to me that supporting small business is simply code for coopting whatever a small business has in terms of brand. Sad but real!

All I can say is that imitation is the highest compliment and I am delighted to think that those organizations think so highly of this small company and no Maine Outdoors is not connected to either effort in any way.

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