I am enjoying the variety of the Maine Outdoors this season

This season will be very busy like the last several with half day trips mornings and afternoons. When the season is at its busiest it all falls into a rhythm. Striper trips always start in Thomaston Harbor and are on the Saint George River. My freshwater trips are on Megunticook Lake in Camden, Alford Lake in Hope or Seven Tree Pond here in Union (which the Saint George connects to White Oak and Round Ponds in years with enough water.

Fishing those “home waters” if you will is comfortable and at a frequently easy. This year looks like it will provide some nice interruptions to that comfortable flow. I already have reservations from clients to fish on the Sheepscot River out of Wiscasset for stripers, Damariscotta Lake in Jefferson and today a plan to fish Stevens Pond where our son Nicholas owns one of the islands. I am certain where I will serve lunch that day.

These changes in location make my days more interesting to be sure. Especially when I also get to spend those days appreciating where I get to work through the perspective of someone else. How lucky am I

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