Hiking Beech Hill Preserve

View From Beech Hill Rockport MaineFor a long time I have offered sheets with information about things to do and places to go in the area to clients and in the last few years have included links to those sheets in the message that goes out after a trip. After giving that some thought I realize that information might be most useful well before you arrive in the area and are planning your visit perhaps still at home.

To accomplish that I moved the files of the printed sheets to their own page on the website. Still not really what I think is needed. One of my winter projects this year is to provide that information with a little more depth including perhaps a picture and a web link for more information.

This morning on a cold clear winter day with a nice coating of snow Argy and I hiked up Beech Hill in Rockport. From the Beech Hill Road side it is an easy hike on a wide path to the top where there are stunning views in every direction. We took the trail from the east through the woods and really did not have the view until we were at the top. The views out over Penobscot Bay and the islands usually capture my eye but today I liked this view off to the northwest. Pretty amazing that you are in coastal Maine when you see that view.

Neither trail is especially difficult, and my phone tells me that our walk this morning was about a mile and a quarter each way. An easily accessible hike for anyone with a spectacular view at the end. This preserve is a project of the Land for Maine’s Future Program where I served two terms on the board.

I am still not exactly sure how I will pull all of these together but just getting out and doing that hike was worth it!

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