Guess it is time to put the screens on

Saturday morning was warm and sunny, the first day like that in a while. Argy was sweeping the floor in the mudroom. Because I track in a lot of dirt when bringing in firewood and other chores (her story not mine). At any rate because it was warm she had the door open and was working away. I was at my desk in the other room.

Suddenly she appears at my door with the report that a hummingbird had flown into the house! Until that moment I did not know that hummingbirds had returned for the summer. A first for me having one fly inside. Although I am certain that with our cold wet spring there are not a lot of flowers for them to get nectar from.

When I got into the room sure enough there was a hummer bumping the window just like a great big bee. After a what do we do now?  Argy opened the window at the top and our unexpected guest made good her escape. I put out the hummingbird feeder in the afternoon and it was almost immediately surrounded by a half dozen of the little birds. Another sign that summer really is coming and I really should get the screens on even if temperatures are only in the forties.


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