Full Moon Bright

I have always loved the full moon nights in winter with the snow on. Crystal clear winter nights are usually cold with very low humidity.  The snow reflects the moonlight and  it can be as light as evening or early morning all night. Bright enough that we need to sleep with the shades drawn to get any rest.

That moonlight is bright enough to cast shadows in the winter landscape. It is nice to see the long shadows of the cold trees on the lawn. My favorite though is the shadow of the smoke rising out of the chimney from the woodstove. Not as stark and black as the shadows of the trees but unmistakable as it curls off into space.

Seeing this shadow tells you a few things at a glance. It is mid winter, the sky is clear as a bell and there is not a lot of wind. The angle of the moonlight also tells roughly what time it is just as the position of the sun does during the day. Not to mention how lucky you are to be inside and warm.

I have been trying to capture good pictures of things that I find interesting or unusual and this is high on my list but no luck so far. Maybe tonight! Although I hope to be sleeping through most of it.

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