Fish still bite in November!

As I drove to Augusta Tuesday morning planning to attend an all-day meeting, the weather was balmy with not a breath of wind. I went into the first session and talking with a friend about what a nice day it would be to go fishing. When the session ended he looked at me and said “you are going fishing aren’t you?” My answer was not spoken rather an action.

In an hour I had the Lund hooked to the Sequoia and was headed to the boat launch on Seven Tree Pond. I fished in the river above Seven Tree and up into Round Pond. Fishing was not fast (I had a dozen fish to the boat in three hours) but not bad. Pickerel and pike that would first roll the big streamer flies I was stripping slowly and then turn back and take the fly savagely. The wind was still and the sun warm not August to be sure but pleasant enough. Great fun on a November afternoon!

The weather in the coming week is forecast to be warm so with any luck I will be able to steal another afternoon on the water before the Lund goes in for its annual winter overhaul.

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