First snow

This morning we woke to a few inches of frosting on everything. Even the toy soldier who guards the front door for the holidays. The wet early snow clung to everything from soldiers to the tiniest branches. With little wind overnight or even during the day the snow hung on. This was a nice little storm, no wind, not too cold and it melted off of the roads quickly after the plows went by making for easy travel. I had a few errands to cover so clear sailing was a treat.

At this point in the year, it already gets dark early, and a grey sky had me needing headlights on the way home at 4PM. I keep in mind though that we are only a few weeks from the days starting to get longer again in the swing back to summer. Although I expect it will get colder and the next few storms will have more of a punch.

Still, it was a nice easy practice round for winter.


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