First Cold Day

This fall has been really nice but today we turned the corner towards winter. I hear that northern Maine had a couple of inches of snow last night and something similar is in the forecast for us tomorrow night and Wednesday. The high today was just over 30 degrees with a stiff north wind. This is about the normal time for it to turn colder in the here just before Thanksgiving. From here on out there will be nice days to be sure but for the most part we are on the slide into winter.

Most noticeable is how short the daylight becomes with only nine and a half hours of daylight on a day that is not cloudy and much shorter if it rains or is cloudy. On the upside though we are about a month away from the shortest day of the year. Which means that before we know it the days will be getting longer and we will be headed back toward another season. As if to prove the point there was a flock (maybe 25) of bluebirds in the yard this morning. Mostly males they were singing and checking every hole that might provide a nesting site for next spring.

Just like us the birds have already started to think about the coming spring. Some folks are already planning ahead reserving dates next summer and purchasing gift certificates for next summer. I just bought the boat license that allows all of you to fish without a license on saltwater with me for the coming season. I don’t think that I am ready to say that it won’t be long now but clearly we are already headed toward our thirty seventh season together on the water.


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