Family Fishing

I have offered trips that are designed to get your family outdoors for years and talk a lot about how great it is. Yesterday I had a chance to get my entire family on the water. The occasion was my youngest sons birthday; a breezy but warm afternoon with Argy, both boys and my oldest son’s dog.  At this point both boys are working guides in very different venues than I do. One a climbing guide in Camden and the other a guide in Washington DC. The younger spends a lot of time travelling the world but is here with us due to the pandemic.

We all met at Thomaston Harbor for a couple of hours of striper fishing. The fish were not cooperative for the first hour or so but we were able to land a bunch after a little searching around. Needless to say a great time on the water that reminded me how lucky I am to have a couple of great young men as children and to have this as my workplace / playground. The pictures tell the story credit to Argy for the pictures and consequently not in the pictures.


Sorry about the sideways images. I can't seem to get them upright.


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