There can be no doubt about it now, fall is here. The signs have been there that it was on the horizon for some time, fewer family fishing trips, the changing light and even needing to find my headlamp so I can see to prepare for trips in the morning. This September has been busy like the last few but without the pressure of needing to change gears and prepare to be at Libby Camps for a month it was easier. On the downside I took a tumble down the stairs from the garage attic last Sunday. I have some impressive bruises but avoided any serious injury and still managed to guide a few days even if stiff and sore. I’m on the mend now and will back to my full schedule this weekend.

The weather has stayed warm and dry for most of the last month. Still not enough water in the Saint George to allow me to navigate the Lund into Round Pond from Seven Tree Pond and the water temperature in the lower river has stayed in the mid 60’s all month. I noticed this week that the leaves have started to turn colors and the hurricane passing by offshore will start the fall wind machine in earnest. So the inevitable is coming. In the next few weeks we will see peak foliage, the last striper blitz and more water in the river letting me chase those bass and pike that I could not reach all summer. Seems like the stripers stay later every fall with warmer water and lots of baitfish to keep them around.

Fall in Maine can be glorious and I expect nothing less this year.


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