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Nearly half of Americans didn’t go outside to recreate in 2018.

Sobering statistics in the Outdoor Participation Report show even kids are staying inside. “We should really be concerned as a nation that we are becoming an indoor nation,” Outdoor Foundation boss Lise Aangeenbrug says.

That’s right almost half of Americans don’t go outside unless they have to! I am decidedly in the other half, no surprise there. Maine Outdoors as a company has been focused on making it easy for families and beginners to get outside for thirty-four years. Providing everything you need for a successful outing. I tell my clients all that they need is a jacket and a smile. Clearly that is not enough!

What else can we do? What obstacles prevent you from spending a part of a day fishing? On a canoe trip? I am committed to reducing those barriers wherever possible and your thoughts are helpful.


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