A decade and a half of sharing my adventures!

I’ve been writing on this blog since the spring of 2005 and had one on another platform before that for a year or two. It is hard to imagine that the years have gone by so quickly! I spent a little time over recent days revisiting old posts and literally strolling down memory lane. What a great way to see how things have changed over that short period of time. Way back when I tried to write a post almost every day that soon became a chore and I dropped to a couple of times a week and now once a week (mostly).

At any rate three hundred and fifty-five pages (three posts to a page I might add) of my experiences over the last fifteen years. Not something that you might sit down and read from beginning to end but interesting to kind of page through and see what has changed and what is the same fifteen years later.

As a guide I spend a lot of time commenting about the weather. Since it is a holiday week and there is not t ton going on, take a minute and share a walk down memory lane with me.


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