Cold enough to make the water smoke!

Yes it was cold the last couple of days. 18 below zero on Saturday morning with a roaring northwest wind. We started Friday morning at 22 above, the temperature fell all day and well into the evening. It was cold and windy. We are feeling very lucky that we did not suffer any malfunctions or frozen pipes. The wood stoves kept us warm all through and everything started when we needed it. Except for needing more coats to go outside almost a normal winter day.


One of the most fascinating aspects of cold like this is arctic sea smoke; fog which is formed when very cold air moves over the warmer water.

Check it out!

Rockland Harbor on Friday evening at about 5.









Marshall Point Light in Port Clyde early Saturday morning. Many of my Scenic Maine Coast boat trips visit this lighthouse although from the water side. That would have been impossible today!












We live in amazing time because I did not have to go to either place rather grabbed the picture from the web cams at both locations.

Take a look at the Rockland Harbor webcam here.

And the Marshall Point webcam here.


I remember guiding sea duck hunters in the sea smoke, visibility was reduced all around you but sunshine directly above. That sometimes happens with fog in the summer but only rarely.

We had it rough but we can see Mount Washington on a good day (about 80 miles away) and the report from there will always makes you feel better. You can see the latest report here. They set a new lowest wind chill record. 


Warming up to a little above normal for the rest of the week lucky for all of us this cold did not last very long.


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