Catching Fireflies is Here

A beautiful book of poetry and images exemplifying the seasons

For almost two years Argy and a friend, Jean Feldeisen have been working on a collaboration and are very excited about the results. It began with Argy  making collages and other images in response to Jean’s poems, and then they traded, and Jean wrote poems inspired by Argy’s images. One they did together at the same time. Then, they worked with an awesome graphic designer, Natasha Clement, at Down East Graphics in Ellsworth to marry Argy’s art and Jean’s poetry. Their gorgeous books have been completed and they are excited to share them.

Catching Fireflies contains 20 poems with illustrations, 5 for each of the seasons. In addition, artwork serves as season dividers and the cover. Together they explored the changing seasons, their observations and how humans interact with the environment.


The purchase price for Catching Fireflies is $25 plus $5 for shipping and handling.

Books can be purchased online at this link 

 Please let her know if you want the book autographed.

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