Calendar Update Coming Soon

Blowing like crazy here today with snow that is supposed to go over to rain before it ends. Current temperature is 31 so I’m guessing it will happen. No point in working outside so at my desk watching the snowflakes blow past the window.

 Throughout the season my calendar tells me where to be and who I will be meeting for a day in the outdoors. Over the years I have gone from a simple calendar online that let clients check when I would be available to an online scheduling system. This winter one of my projects is an update of that online reservation system to a faster easier to use one that lets you see a month of available times and dates at once.

As with any new technology the details are daunting. I’m getting there and will roll it out in the next couple of weeks. My intention is to make it easier to make a reservation for the trip that you want at a time that fits your plans. A tall order but I think I can make it all work.

Watch for an announcement of the new system as soon as I have the bugs worked out.

An additional calendar announcement that I am taking off the last 2 weeks in August for an Alaska trip. Argy and I have been married for 40 years and going to celebrate. If you had plans for then I’m sorry but I will be back the Tuesday after Labor Day to finish out the season.

Go figure a guide going on vacation!

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