Bluebirds in the Snow

Today we are in the midst of a blizzard; very windy, snowing hard, temperature around 20, with a predicted total snowfall of a couple of feet. Winter to be sure. Eastern Bluebird

Saturday I was pleasantly surprised to see a flock of Eastern Bluebirds at the feeder by the window all bright blue males. Maybe 10 or so. Clearly they think that spring is not far off. Over the years I usually see robins in early February and in fact saw my first flock on my way home from Bangor on Friday. Not exactly a spring day either windy and very cold.

They are responding to the longer days and I assume ignoring the weather, although I bet that they are wishing they were further south this morning.

It is after all mid February and clearly spring is not too far off at least according to the bluebirds and robins.

Photo from Cornell College of Ornithology

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