Back from vacation

We just returned from two weeks in Hawaii. It was an amazing trip with many firsts for both of us. One of the biggest this is that Argy been to all 50 states now. We visited the islands of Kauai and Hawaii both rural and with very different environments. It was windy for most of the trip but it did not keep us from doing what we wanted . I was able to fish in the saltwater and the freshwater with a local guide. Wading the shallow saltwater flats was amazing. I had a number of green sea turtles within perhaps ten yards or so and saw a few bonefish but did not hook any. Very different to be wading in relatively calm water while 15 foot seas roared in on the reef only a hundred yards away. The variety and bright colors of the fish on the flats was unexpected as was wanting bright sun to make it possible to see the fish.  I have an idea of where that might work in the Saint George this summer, more on that later.

I also fished one day wading in a freshwater river for smallmouth bass. The water was high and fast but I did manage to catch a few fish like the one in the picture. In both places the water was warm enough to wade in my pants while wearing boots to protect my feet. Very different to not be wearing waders and worrying about going in too deep. Simply go. With the lightweight pants and shirts (that I normally wear here in the summer) you are dry again in no time.

As you might imagine, wearing summer clothes for a couple of weeks was a late winter treat. I was also very aware of the value of the sun gloves that I normally only wear for a brief period each summer the sun is strong there. We arrived home jet lagged and tired after 25 hours of travel. Just beating our most recent snowstorm that dropped a foot of the white stuff. Winter is not over yet in Maine but it will be soon.

Needless to say, I am very ready for the season to start. After I shovel off the boat and the ice goes out on the ponds. I expect that will all happen in the next few weeks and am looking forward to it. 


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