Appreciating all that I am able to offer

We recently returned from a vacation in Hawaii. A great trip with many firsts. Everyone asks if I fished no matter where I went on vacation and then follows up by asking if I had a guide. This trip was like all of the others, yes to both questions. I have had the pleasure to fish in the Carolinas, Montana, Arizona, California, Florida., Louisiana, Alaska and now Hawaii. Each having good resources to be sure but none compare to what I am able to offer my clients every day. Not to say that fish don’t get grumpy on any given day and choose not to participate. That can be true on both fresh and salt sometimes on the same day.

I have really come to appreciate just how special this part of the world is and how much it has to offer. Not only quality but diversity without a lot of travel. I am able to fish fresh and saltwater in the same day and sometimes on the same trip. An option not many guides have and certainly I have more options on both than most are able to offer.  I really cannot take any credit for this unusual situation it is a fortunate occurrence for me and all of my clients.


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