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What an odd winter, the warmest January on record (in Portland where they track those sorts of things) and now a weekend where it will bee cold enough to cancel outdoor events and get us all looking at our woodpiles. No worries here we have plenty of wood and the dogs will be in the office for a good part of the next several days. A predicted high temperature of 0 always gets our attantion. It will be a great weekend to go to the coast and see acctic sea smoke. Watch for pictures!

The new thing though is that I have now set up a Venmo account for Maine Outdoors. Over the last couple of summers I have gotten requests for that payment method. Making it easy for my clients has always been a goal here. So with a few free days and being able to work at a warm desk here we are. I have accepted credit cards for a very long time and really love my Square setup (well most of the time) so adding a different method of payment that folks have asked for is a no brainer.

Like all new technology I assume that there will be glitches but so far so good. The biggest obstacle I see is that cell and internet service continue to be at best spotty in this part of Maine. That same thing is an issue for Maine Outdoors being an electronic license sales agent. With any luck that will improve over time and all of this will become simple and seamless. Wish me luck!

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