And we are off!

Already into the new year. Like every other small business Maine Outdoors is starting by making plans, reviewing the past and thinking about how to do what we do better. Some things like the weather or fish biting or eagles showing up on scene are sort of out of our control. Other things though like a pair of binoculars when needed are easy to provide as long as they had been thought of a before that moment. The exercise is to think of what was needed and was not right there. Or what is worn out and needs replacing.

This winter we are taking a hard look at the online reservation system that seems a little clunky and old school. Thinking about replacing the Toyota Sequoia (don’t worry with another one) and looking at replacement schedules for other equipment from fly rods to the Lund Alaskan (next winter). Keeping things up to date and working as expected is a critical part of planning ahead.

Staying for sure are regular updates on this blog, and regular (sort of) e-newsletter and the trips we all enjoyed over the last few seasons along with our our Orvis Endorsement along with a commitment to be "Orvis not Ordinary". Other things under consideration are online fishing license sales (although initial tests have it taking far too long). A new grouse dog is on the list, Rocky is now 10 pretty old for a guides dog to still be working. Can’t imagine he will let me hunt without him but the long day is off of his list.

All of this so that things are ready to go when you make your reservation for the coming season.

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